Game Changer: Effective Positioning for a Gaming Startup


The founder of a start-up dealing in a massive multiplayer online role-playing game was looking for ways to make himself stand out. He was set to take part in a two-minute pitch contest hosted by a Michigan higher education institute, in which two winners would be selected to take part in the coveted Michigan Angel Investor competition.

Taking part in the Angel Investor event would help the entrepreneur secure the funding he need to get his game off the ground — but the competition was fierce. He’d worked hard on his pitch for the contest, but so far, the case was not entirely compelling. In other words, he had an awesome product with loads of potential, but he wasn’t able to sell it in the way he wanted. To make himself stand out, it was clear he needed executive coaching.



RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES stepped in on contest day to work with the founder to hone his presentation and develop a strong positioning strategy. He had just two minutes to show how his product differed from the others and to engage the investor audience and contest judges.

To give him the best shot possible, we employed our strategic communication process, and our competitive and executive positioning strategies to craft a compelling and engaging message. We also worked with the founder on strategies that would help him pique audience interest during the “mix and mingle” event just before the contest. With the business strategy in place, we then coached the founder on his delivery to help him make the most impact.


In the end, our executive coaching process provided both strategy and confidence, when the gaming entrepreneur found himself on the way to the largest Angel Investor event in the state of Michigan. While the initial contest guidelines stated there would be two winners, the judges found four presentations to be so compelling that they opened the opportunity up to all four.

“We won. I think you were the difference. Fifteen presenters and four selected to pitch the largest Angel group in Michigan …We’re one of the four.” -Phyllip H.


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