Our Approach

At RW&A, we firmly believe and advocate for a holistic engagement approach to ensure the most efficient and effective outcomes. With more than 30 years of strategy and communications experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, we know the most successful brands cultivate their customers as brand advocates and effectively differentiate their organization, products and services in the marketplace. We employ our four-step strategic process to assess, architect and deliver a tailored solutions that optimize our performance and efficiency, and accelerate results for our clients.

Other Methodologies

RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES takes a comprehensive approach to acquire and analyze the most relevant data and information to gain unique insight into the attitudes, pain points and opportunities among key customer segments, stakeholders and constituencies.

Action Planning

Develop a practical go-forward plan ensures alignment of the organization’s strategies, processes and resources to accelerate goal achievement.

Go Beyond Buy-In, Create Ownership

This extremely powerful and effective planning process enables a group to rapidly develop a practical action plan, organize needed resources and empower the team’s ownership of the process and the outcomes.

Consensus Workshop

Integrate diverse ideas into a common actionable vision and enable consensus-based decision-making through active participation, creativity and teamwork.

Build a High Performing Team

This process fosters active participation and teamwork to tap into intuitive thought processes, generate practical and creative solutions, and channel diverse perspectives into an actionable strategies everyone owns.

Focused Conversation

Provide structure to conversations that enable the flow of ideas, save time and minimize potential power plays and hidden agendas.

Ideate to Achieve Greater Success

This process facilitates a meaningful exchange of ideas and engages teams in thinking through difficult issues and quickly surfacing new ideas and solutions while enhancing the team’s productivity.

Focus Groups

Gain deeper intelligence and insight to improve your marketplace positioning and your business products and services.

Use insights to improve performance

This methodology generates data regarding the opinions, perceptions and attitudes from a representative sample to provide key indicators of the likely behaviors of the larger group.

Strategic Visioning

Engage the organization in a process to develop a fresh perspective for the development of forward-looking strategies and client offerings.

Achieve breakthrough change

Employing a creative visioning methodology enables focused action planning, strategy and organization-communications design for enhanced productivity.

Survey Instruments

Use survey instruments to gain in-depth insights to improve your positioning, products and service offerings.

Gather more candid and actionable data

This highly flexible tool can be administered through many channels including digital, social media, paper, mobile telephone, and face-to-face.