About Us

Established in 2012

Tailored Solutions · Mission-Critical Results


Founded in 2012 by Renée T. Walker, APR, RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES is dedicated to transforming brands and engineering success for our clients. We employ imagination, ingenuity and innovation to solve complex business, growth-related and communications challenges.

Renée began preparing for entrepreneurship at the Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan, and worked tirelessly to develop her knowledge base through firsthand real world business and political experience.

Following nearly three decades in executive positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors and working with local, state and national political campaigns, RW&A was launched with an email to 75 people who Renée met both professionally and personally throughout her award-winning and exemplary career. With an email open rate of 80 percent, the outpouring of support, encouragement, congratulatory messages and offers of assistance were overwhelming and instrumental to RWA’s successful launch and longevity.

RW&A has been a long-time personal and professional goal that affords Renée the opportunity to combine her love of data, intrinsic curiosity, creative problem-solving and ability to provide innovative strategic solutions, create strong brands, design compelling multimedia communications to help her clients achieve sustainable growth.

Today, RW&A continues its mission to help our clients communicate strategically to achieve higher performance, productivity and profits. RW&A provides our clients a fresh perspective to address evolving marketplace realities and achieve sustainable growth.

That’s why we think differently and utilize our proprietary methodologies to create tailored, data-directed and mission-driven solutions, adapted from highly successful global brand strategies to deliver verifiable results.

We excel at solving complex business and communications challenges. We’ve turned delivering uniquely tailored and effective solutions — including data-directed strategies and audience-specific communications programs — into an art form.

We’re extremely honored to help our clients achieve and exceed the desired goals, increase brand value and recognition, and implement transformational strategies that deliver results. And, our clients reach higher and achieve more while strengthening our communities through economic growth and job creation.