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A multimillion dollar packaging, adhesive and inventory solutions company—that provides services to the pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, health care, and industrial sectors—wanted to increase its brand recognition, market share and achieve exponential revenue growth within the next three years.

Recognizing the rapidly increasing digital competition and without an in-house marketing team, the Client needed to elevate its brand and develop a digital marketing strategy along with well-executed implementation support to build its brand awareness, increase its digital visibility, and attract ideal customers in the targeted sectors.




RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES (RW&A) employed our proprietary methodologies to elevate the Client’s brand, clarified their positioning and implemented a new website to establish a critical foundation to build brand awareness, improve search visibility and message resonance.

Additionally, a targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, new business development and sales materials, and an email marketing program were used to bolster sales, build brand awareness and expand prospective customer outreach.


Working with the Client’s leadership team and a modest digital advertising budget, we helped them achieve the following results.


  • During a 24-month period, the Client’s revenue increased from $5.3 million to approximately $8 million and anticipated achieving the $10 million revenue milestone during the next 12 to 16 months.


  • Before RW&A engaged, the Client primarily ranked for their brand name. Within 12 months, the Client’s ranking increased for 34 keywords in the top 100 positions on Google, and 94 keywords overall, including the most critical product and competitive keyword.


  • 9,300% improvement for total ranked keyword from one the previous year to 94 in 12 months.


  • 200% website traffic year-over-year increase with nearly 12,000 sessions compared to 4,003 in the previous year.


  • 10,700 new website visitors compared to 3,550 in the previous year.


  • Second page ranking for their primary product improved from the third page ranking within 9 months.




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