Meet Renée Walker, APR

An award-winning communications strategist.

Renée T. Walker honed her business, brand, marketing communications, political and leadership expertise through executive positions with multimillion and billion-dollar brands in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. She sharpened her political acumen in executive and communication leadership positions on successful local, state and national candidate campaigns and multimillion and billion-dollar ballot initiatives.

Following nearly three decades of communications and leadership experience, she launched RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES (RW&A), a strategy, brand and marketing communications agency in 2012. She is the author of “Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs,” a Newsweek Expert Forum contributor, a featured contributor to industry publications and a national speaker on brand, leadership and marketing. Renée has been accredited in public relations (APR) by the Public Relations Society of America and a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. To view and download Renée’s full biography, use this link.






Palgrave Encyclopedia Interest Groups Live


A transnational encyclopaedia on interest groups, lobbying and public affairs designed to satisfy a growing global need for knowledge and in depth understanding of these key political and corporate activities for the researcher, student, policy maker and modern manager.    


Master Executive Presence Without Breaking a Sweat


You’re a rock star, right?! If you’re not, you should be. While you don’t need a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or be known solely by your first name, you do need to cultivate your rock star status to accelerate your business or career success.


Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs


Your small business brand provides a unique opportunity for you to differentiate your products and services in the marketplace and attract both customers and talent. Decodes big business branding strategies using a no-nonsense approach.

We’re extremely honored to help our clients achieve and exceed their desired goals, increase brand value and recognition, and implement transformational strategies that deliver results. And, our clients reach higher and achieve more while strengthening our communities through economic growth and job creation.

Renée T. Walker, APR